Audio Porn Records – Benny L – Fire In The Sky EP [Review]


Benny L returns, and brings with him Fire In The Sky via the perversity that comes out of Audio Porn. There are four tunes to engage the ears with, and it is the record label’s seventy-fifth release which is basically a milestone reached.

The title song, as if to go perfectly with the theme features an artist called Firefly gracing the vocal support on it. Indeed, it is fiery and full of energy throughout its course. And then, the next track to come through is ‘Backlash’ with its catchy hook, and laced with a speech sample, as well as some thunderous horns that reverberate with a force. The track is also complimented with some added spacey FX sounds that give it a nice effect. Track number three sounds exactly as what the title says it is i.e. ‘Freight Train’, and moving really fast on the track. The bass line pulses with an electric shock, and the beat is compulsive with a jump up & down vibe. Thereafter, ‘Unorthodox’ starts to kick in, in a similar manner and comes as the final track on the short track list. What is nice about the EP overall is that, the style of production is consistent in all four songs, with that simplified via 1-2 breaks with punchy and well-compressed kicks; dope FXs and synthesis; as well as the deep, loud hums of the bass lines.

Fire In The Sky EP is another majestic display of Benny L’s conceptual play with destructive ideas centred on high altitudes, just like he did with the likes of ‘Thunder’ (2015) for instance. All of these ideas in this instance are just transmitted in the form of banging D&B music.

Words by Tsheola Asavela