Multi Function Music – Levela – Genesis LP [Review]


November marks a pinnacle for Multi Function Music, the 100th release. This is a serious milestone for any label so, what better way to celebrate this either than having MF’s very own Levela dropping a full-on album?

 Like a new beginning, the LP has symbolically been titled Genesis and has a maximum of sixteen tracks which add up to a total of 72 minutes of D&B listening pleasure. For one hell of a great start; ‘Koodana’ which means “jump” or “hop” in Hindi, starts with a transcendental effect from the Indian instruments that go on for an almost timeless moment before the heavy D&B beats kick in on the drop. Branching out from there, highlighting a few solo efforts in tunes like the Ninja Turtle-inspired title of ‘Cowabunga’; some silly clowning of ‘Dafuq’ (nice grooves here) plus; a sincere dedication from the bass line to an important piece of hardware that makes it possible to experience the music in its entirety, the ‘Bass Bin’. The only exception to turbo-fuelled vibes is in ‘The Abyss’. And, on a collaborative note, the line-up is solid! Peeps like MC Coppa who makes his lyrical presence well-felt on two numbers i.e. ‘Warriors’ which is fit to be an anthem; and the nostalgia-invoking mood of ‘Memory Lane’. There’s also the remarkable vocal talents of a gentleman called Kit Rice over the mellow and quite emotional ‘I Keep Going’; and another great vocal-wordsmith, Darrison making an appearance on something different (with transitions) as well. The last to play is an extra, tweaked treat: ‘Ghetto Blaster’ (VIP) – another anthem. Different styles and flavours and hard to skip sums it up.

Levela does live up to the self-proclamation and thus, is deserving of the title of ‘Professional Sound Maker’ in every respect of every single word in the phrase because… Damn, Genesis is a masterpiece LP!

 Words by: Tsheola Asavela

 RD: WW-05/11/2017


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