Celsius Recordings – Oddsoul – Hypnotize EP [Review]


Jesse V, also known as Oddsoul is an American Drum & Bass artist who specializes along the deep lines of the Liquid/Soul subgenre. The tip he’s on has seen him being affiliated with labels like Soul Deep Recordings; Emotion Records; Atmomatix; and such. Hypnotized EP is his latest offering under Fockuz Recordings’ sister label, Celsius Recordings.

The EP features just three tracks that allow us to be immersed in Oddsoul’s sound. There’s the joint called ‘Drizzle’ that first gives us the idea; a soulful piece with a mellow groove and powerful drum break to power it. Then there’s ‘No More’ which has a tweaked Ashanti vocal sample for the lyrical part and would give the original R&B song (bearing a similar title) a run for its money. A title song to the EP is included as well; a love tune made up of the strong emotions behind the vocals layered on the track as a feminine counterpart to the gigantic, masculine feel of the deep bass line; over a clean 1-2 Step beat. If not mistaken, we sure we must’ve heard Rick Ross’ voice, doing his signature “huh!” sound, sampled and added as a flavouring. All in all, Hypnotize is a love-themed production that has soulfully deep atmospheres and beautiful melodies on all the jams. The addition of the interesting vocal samples Oddsoul played with is commemorative of his place on the map, and perhaps hinting as well his musical background that influences his productions.

In conclusion, this latest offering is well on point in terms of the clean production, the mature taste, and creative play of sound elements that form the end product. It’s something to be simply enjoyed with ease when jammed whilst acknowledging Oddsoul’s unique take on D&B otherwise, it is the witnessing of American Drum & Bass at its finest!

Words by: Tsheola Asavela




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