Hyperactivity Music – Midn8Runner – Ambitions/Resolution [Review]


Hyperactivity Music is a young label that’s based in the city of Marseille, France. It’s only nine months ago that it released its first record, and this October sees the label drop another record from one of their artists, Midn8Runner.

The first of the two singles that the release brings with is ‘Ambitions’; a word that almost every passionate person relates with and in this case, a song that’s meant for shuckin’ & jivin’ in an emancipated manner. It pumps all the energetic vibes and feels that make it a good song to jam to for days. It blends that Soul, which emanates from the vocal sample during a certain mood it takes before the beat drops; with a raw and rebellious sound when it does. ‘Resolution’ on the other hand, is strictly of a subterranean theme by being a deep roller with enigmatic elements that spice up the song perfectly. This joint has no breaks to hinder it; it just takes it straight to the finish line with a relentless attitude. It specially caters for the thoroughbred bass heads that prefer their D&B dish instrumental with a gloomy atmosphere. All in all, we think this release is as the titles say; is based on Midn8Runner’s resolution towards his ambition epitomized through a sound medium maybe?

Midn8Runner deservedly reps his country and shows us in just two dope joints, an interesting glimpse as to what a French D&B production is about. This release will definitely leave a solid mark, and contribute towards Hyperactivity Music’s growth to prominence in the world scene.

Words by: Tsheola Asavela



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