Good Karma Music – Imba – Infinite EP [Review]


Good Karma Music is an Australian, independent electronic and bass music label that’s been around since 2014. The label was founded by a duo called Terrence & Phillip (not the Canadians), and it is mainly focussed more on D&B. As an example, we have Imba dropping again on GKM but not a single. This time it is an EP.

Infinite EP equals four tracks, including the title track which comes on track 2. It’s a double feature; with vocalist, Leah Costello; and Octo Pi throwing in a hand on this 7min.-long number. It’s an absolutely beautiful piece that transcends the average utopic music mind set, on top of being purely made of the substance that D&B classics are made of. The last track, ‘Dynasty’ is also a collab; this time pairing with Tremah in creating something this rich, and sonically neat. Strictly on the solo side we have ‘Starlight’; and also back to the top where the EP opens up with those elevating and yet, emotional atmospheres and elements of ‘Feel You’ which. Those aspects of the song are energetically driven by the strong Amen break; and the 1-2 beat when it makes a transition somewhere in the middle, before returning to the initial break beat.

The length of all the songs in here is over the 5min. marker which makes the bliss of enjoying the EP last a bit longer. It’s also amazing how Imba’s paints vivid pictures with the soundscape, when it speaks for itself. A round of applause goes out to Infinite EP.

Words by: Tsheola Asavela


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