C4C Recordings – Inward, Hanzo & Randie – Consistency of Error LP – [Review]


The rumours have settled to be true with regards to the stir up news of Italian Trio Inward, Hanzo & Randie catapulting an LP of sorts this year. Debuting a 10 track LP on the C4C Recordings imprint, we’re presented with the “Consistency of Error” LP for our sonic delight.

So we’re here, going through the tracks and wondering how just how some of these ideas are filtered through into such productions and I can only reason that sometimes you these things just play themselves out as you’re trying to achieve something else but the error in doing so creates something else which may actually be better than what you had in mind. Now, could that be what happened with this LP with regards to its title? Haha. Now the boys have had peoples ears perked up for some time with the few releases they’ve had going around throughout the months following up to this LP release and surely it’s a delivery worthy of note!

“Skorpio” the opening track sends you plummeting deep sea before you could even catch the title of the track then you’re somewhat aided by Tune-X with a Synth Ethics feature that will have you staggering with its really techy bits on display. The follow up to this is an electrifying “Dirt” tune which kinda rolls out like unsafe live-wire springing about from the ground up. It’s an energy infused LP brimming with intensity. Think of a rad place where this could get delivered, soak it in those vibes cause that’s where this shit is getting rinsed! Don’t forget to breathe while listening you’re at it. So big up to the crew on this release!


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