Kinetik Records – Kursiva – Waveform Shapeshifter LP – [Review]


Waveforms shapeshifting all the way out of Spain from man like Kursiva, who’s been seen incorporating some of his turn-tabling into his DnB productions. Delivering a 12 track LP of uncompromised production, the “Waveform Shapeshifter” LP is presented by Belgian label “Kinetik Records”.

The LP is unapologetically Neuro driven but so well curated which sees kursiva fully flexing his production finesse, and really non-monotonous. Featuring tracks like “Shattered” which come hissing at you with a thick, grounded bass that’s well designed to crack ribcages. And “Press 2 Play” with torn synth worn work and a piercing groove is well crafted to have you pacing up more than normal. To rolling tracks like “Speedline” sprinkled with some mad funk in them & halftime breakdowns. Definitely, something in this for everyone to include in their sets. The track “Hydra” is a monster with an insatiable appetite of obliterating dance-floors with its menacing drum work. And of course, the title track which has dumbfounded me. This is one number which will definitely have heads turning and inducing screw faces of note! Fresh album from man like kursiva.



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