Notion Audio – PRTCL – Scrap Yard/Traction [Review]


Notion Audio is a new label from Berlin, Germany run by producer/DJ, PRTCL. This record comes after just two releases from Notion thus far, and they are all compliments of the founder himself.

 ‘Scrap Yard’ is the title of the first of the two singles that the release contains. The rampant clatter of the metallic triangle speaks in its own, distinct voice as the song goes through the necessary transitions from start to finish, with the solid acoustic sound lightly echoing throughout. Following behind, is the deep gloominess of the smooth and simple composition of the low frequencies that make up the bass; and there is also this unique-sounding effect, a raw sound worth of interest layered therein. The other, titled ‘Traction’ is collaboration between PRTCL and fellow Berlin producer, Survey and; is made up of an Apache Break; dark horn-like sounds that give it a serious, sinister mood; and has a bouncy vibe to it, summing up into something relative to Jungle in simple terms. All-in-all, there is no mistaking the quality of production, and the recognized creative identity of the artist.

It is critical for a new label’s music to impress listeners, and so judging from what we’ve heard here, we definitely reckon that Notion Audio has made the cut in that department so far, clear and simple.

Words by: Tsheola Asavela


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