31 Recordings – Current Value – Scalar EP – [Review]


Scalar EP is the title of Tim Eliot’s A.K.A. Current Value’s freshest release under 31 Recordings. It is 31’s twenty-seventh release thus far, and it contains four tracks in total that weigh heavy on the scale.

 The theme that we are looking at here is possessive of mystical and dark atmospheres in the sound. Things kick-start with the title song, ‘Scalar’ with its dizzying start via some lingering synth sounds on a 1-2 beat, dropping on to a heavy bass line that dominates the track. This is nicely complimented with a smooth, clean production. Track two; ‘Bigger Picture’ is quite an energetic and kinetic one, with interesting play of the bass and the support from the other elements. ‘Major Fracture’ simply put, is an auditory epitome of violence in my perception, for it expresses the rage and the satisfaction of relieving it as well. Also, it screams like some alien creature from a sci-fi flick. The last track is interestingly titled ‘Reconsider’. It must be the most laid-back one of them all, and it is a sort of infusion of Neuro-Funk and Intelligent Drum & Bass, arguably enough. It is definitely a unique song. There is also the realization after listening to all four that; not even a single track in the EP has vocal some activity, all is strictly and absolutely instrumentals speaking in their own sonic voices.

The German DJ/producer has consistently been raising the D&B flag for years with breath-taking releases such as these. Owing to that, Scalar EP is definitely recommended for the seasoned heads who like their stuff intricate like this.


Words by: Tsheola Asavela



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