BFTR Interview: Trex (2017)

Trex press shot 1

Joe Kehoe is yet another rich talent from the United Kingdom, the D&B Mecca of the world. In his music career, he has gained support from the likes of Total Science; Noisia; Andy C; High Contrast; amongst other greats, and has seen releases on Lockdown; Mac 2; Machinist; and he recently started Trust Audio with fellow mate, Quest. As an artist and producer, we got to know him as Trex. This, is what the man from Camden had to say about his music; their young label; and Tribes Vol.1, the current release from the stable.

BFTR: How long exactly has it been, since you’ve been producing and working on Drum & Bass music?

Trex: I have been producing D&B on and off for 10 years, but only really committed all of my time to it in the last 3 years. In order to improve you need to put the hours in!

BFTR: What were your main influence(s) that got your ear hooked; and those that got you producing the genre as well?

Trex: A lot of my influences came from the Bristol sound of the ‘90s; Roni Size; Krust etc. they are pioneers. More recently Need For Mirrors; S.P.Y.; Break; and D.L.R. are a few artists that have definitely been influences. I am also into Hip-Hop, mostly ‘90s stuff too. Anything good really!

BFTR: So, what separates D&B music from the rest, in your point of view?

Trex: I don’t think there is any genre that matches D&B in terms of energy and certainly, production levels. There are some extremely talented D&B producers out there.

BFTR: How did Trust Audio come about? And, why the name ‘trust’, is there some significance behind it, obviously?

Trex: We agonised for ages over the name, ‘Trust’ seemed to sit the best out of the contenders. It has ‘Tr’ as the first two letters as does ‘Trex’ so it kind of works and sounds half decent…. More important than what the name is, is associating that name with decent music which, is what our mission is.

Trex press shot 2

BFTR: How has starting, and running an independent record label been for you and Tommy thus far? Any particular challenges or triumphs that you would like to share, perhaps?

Trex: We have really enjoyed the process of starting the label, and have been encouraged by the feedback so far. From getting a logo designed to mastering and distribution to signing music from artists, we are now getting into a rhythm.

BFTR: What is the idea or concept behind the Tribes series and, for how many volumes do you guys plan on running them?

Trex: The Tribes series is a good way of getting tracks from artists that we rate. I, as someone who is a producer, it can be hard work getting full 4 track EPs together time after time. So our EPs are three tracks maximum and the Tribes series will have one track from three different artists, making it much easier to get music out quickly. With D&B being such a global art form now, the Tribes name is an acknowledgement of the international contributions to Trust Audio.

BFTR: The first volume is a great listen which, brings us to wondering how it lead to the featured artists being put together also; Shimon mastering the work is something else. Please, tell us about all that jazz.

Trex: Well, I release primarily through Randall’s label MAC2 and I got to know Shimon through Randall, same with Zere, and I have known Jaybee for a good while now. So, getting peeps involved with Trust Audio has evolved from there really.

Trex press shot 3

BFTR: When can the people expect to hear Tribes Vol.2, any sooner from this first one?

Trex: We are currently compiling Tribes Vol.2 so expect more this summer. I will also release more solo material, and we are close to confirming EPs from a few other artists. Watch this space.

BFTR: And, as for Trex, what’s going to follow Conundrum EP?

Trex: I am currently finishing off an album for Randall’s Mac2 which should be ready this summer. Also, look out for the compilation album Pieces 2 on Mac2; I have a few bits on there, alongside lots of great music.

BFTR: One last thing: where is your musical journey headed or, where do you want to take it as a musician?

Trex: As an artist I just want to keep on learning and improving and see where it takes me.


By Tsheola Asavela


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