Renegade Hardware Presents: The Final Chapter – Horsementality [Review]


Horsementality is another part of The Final Chapter, and it contains thirty tracks and it also features various artists or, Horsemen rather all mashed up together for this apocalyptic release.

There are no remixes or even a single VIP in this LP, just strictly original mixes in their sheer glory. It’s open sesame with ‘Codified’ with Ahmad & Akinsa; and also on the second track sees Ahmad again, now collaborating with Loxy & Gremlins on the mysteriously sounding ‘Serial Killa’. On that collaborative note for a bit, there’s some interesting team-ups on tracks like ‘Renegade’ featuring MC Fokus ripping the mic; ‘Shamanism’ with Fade & Survey; and Philth & Agman Gora filling up ‘The Void’; all just a fraction on the extensive list. Of course, with so many jams to go through, there’s a lot of hits and bangers to check out, with a few other examples being the likes of Digital & Spirit bringing the heat on ‘No Fear’; Verb’s ‘Life Cycle’; ‘Born Again’ with Voltage; and DJ Chef taking it to ‘The Streets’ with a sound straight from the gutter; and not forgetting what Ink & Cymatix managed to come up with, with a number called ‘We’. With all said, still does not cover the D&B destruction brought forth by the Horsemen on these final days.

The Final Chapter series has lined up the very best tunes destined to be timeless indeed; they are D&B classics that will stand the test of time. Renegade Hardware is ending things on a super note, and surely inflicting wrath with this final project.

Words by: Tsheola Asavela

Complete Album Link:


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