Renegade Hardware Presents: The Final Chapter – Rewired [Review]


Rewired closes The Final Chapter series for Renegade Hardware, and it is a remix project that contains eleven tracks in total, all re-wired, and reworked by an array of artists.

There’s remixes that span throughout the recent years, proudly done by Zardonic; Incognito; Sinister Souls; SKRU; to name just a few, to a chunk of iconic tunes from back in the day. The first track on the list is a 2011 remix by Skitty, for Dylan & Ink’s ‘California Curse’ which is something reminiscent of Hip-Hop, the NWA; with those sped up Gangster RAP samples on a D&B beat. We also find that Konflict’s classic, ‘The Beckoning’ has two remixes done on it; one by Stealth; and Jade also recalling it with a nice loudness. Also, Volatile Cycle comes with that mind blasting, hard Tech-Step rewiring for ‘Downer’, originally done by Gridlock and; not forgetting Slang Banger’s tweak of a Resonant Evil joint titled ‘Troubleshoot’ which, maintains Resonant’s tradition of the Dark-Step sub-genre. The finishing line is marked by Zardonic & Joanna Syze with ‘Rodina’, the Barbarix remix. It makes a cinematic entrance before, dropping to a captivating hard-stepper of a groove thus; making it a perfect one to end things with.

When it comes to The Final Chapter collection as a whole; it is only wise to possess all of these LPs simply because they are already classic works; as much as they are definite must-haves in the music collection.

Words by: Tsheola Asavela

Complete album link:


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