Inperspective Records – Andy Skopes – Who Are You/Laterality [Review]


This release sees Andyskopes being the artist to drop the third, and final chapter to Inperspective Records’ conceptual releases titled the Teddy Bear Trilogy of which, the London-based label has been releasing in succession until this last one.

‘Who Are You/Laterality’ comes after ‘Flying Swords/Perplexed’ by Infamy and; ‘Dorsiflexsion/Karmic Sprain’ by Earl Grey. In this third instalment, Andyskopes takes it to some other places with these joints. Firstly; ‘Who Are You’ brings about nocturnal atmospheres; and a vibe that takes it straight to the Jungle. The drum track is banging and relentless with a berserk Amen break beat. Similarly with ‘Laterality’, the drums dominate and drive the song, and take different forms as they filter through it. It also has added percussions; some creepy, eerie pads; and an interesting choice of speech samples to complete the whole dark and enigmatic theme. So basically, we have here a fusion of Jungle, atmospheric and Intelligent Drum & Bass composed with exceptional production techniques which, brings to light as to how deep and psychologically inclined this record is.

No lie; this is really some timelessly good stuff, for many days to come. Preferably, and as intended; the whole trilogy is recommended as a unique and classical collection that summarises Inperspective Records’ musical ideology.

Words By: Tsheola Asavela


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