Druid Records – Seibel – Overclocking/Level Up [Review]


Seibel is an artist who initially hails from Russia but, is now based in Cologne, Germany. He has an extensive discography, and has now added to it with two mind boggling singles; a release that marks Druid Records’ twentieth thus far.

With this release, the man Seibel is travelling on that freeway tip with the pace, action, and adrenalin as the theme which; are amongst the attributes of Drum & Bass music. I mean, considering the titles of these two joints says it all. We got ‘Overclocking’ to start with, and it packs a serious punch whilst, pretending to be calm with that simple 1-2 Step beat; the subtle sub-bass; and those stalking, scary effects (FX) that pop-up throughout the song. And then, comes in ‘Level Up’ which clearly describes the vibe that it is on, as soon as it drops. Now, we like how this song starts and ends, merely because it is one of those unique tunes that stand out and are easy to remember. From the unheard-of-before snares; to the distorted “check it out” (or something like that) voice clip; and the overall weirdness in the synthesis of the track, this one is definitely a one-of-a-kind with all due respect.

It’s a shame on us that we didn’t know Seibel before this because, we definitely dig the type of style he’s on as a producer; and how creative he is as an artist. If you are like us then, start from this release, and go back in time to his previous work and you shall be impressed, without a doubt.

Words by: Tsheola Asavela



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