Soul Trader Records – Precision & Subdivision – Jazz Night EP [ Review]


Jazz Night EP, is a result of a dope team-up between Precision and Subdivision, two artists/producers both hailing from Leeds, in the UK. The two-single collaboration is presented by Soul Trader Records.

This is that sophisticated, smooth, and mature Drum & Bass we find in Jazz-Step, as well Liquid/Soulful D&B. On first play, the title track ‘Jazz Night’ which commemorates the iconic genre that has revolutionised music up ‘til today. Every element of the tune is superbly Jazzy, and made lively by the chorus of stand ovations and historical sound clips. The next track is a Liquid jam called ‘You & I’, and it is quite a relaxed and touching love song; a D&B ballad that speaks of bliss. Safe to say, that Jazz Night EP has that vintage feel to it whilst, not forgetting to keep it modern at the same time, more especially with the title song itself.

This EP is something that your father would definitely get down to, period. And, as for the rest of us, this is the kind of D&B we just relax and unwind to, no matter the weather. Safe to also say, that it is a classic piece of music.

Words By: Tsheola Asavela


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