Mayan Audio – Dextone – Elevation/Vapourise [Review]


Straight out of London, UK we bring you Mayan Audio’s nineteenth release; a double joint record by Dextone. The man has had some releases under a number of iconic labels in D&B and also to note; he was part of The Harry Shotta Show almost two years ago which, made serious world history.

‘Elevation’ and ‘Vapourise’ are the titles of the tunes and both, are for the pleasure of getting your Drum & bass groove on with. They both pack heavy punches, and blazing heat to jump up or get down to either way, they are Raving bangers that are just mind-blowing. The former, is like the A-train gone AWOL because, it moves with crazy speed through the speakers. Coming to the latter, it carries a rather conscious message in the form of the speech sample (audio clip) then, it drops to a simple beat; carrying with it a nasty, grimy bass line that controls the forefront of the track; and the rhythm of the song is quite playful but, seriously heavy overall. Somewhere in the middle of it all, a transition takes place whereby, the track switches to a slowed-down, head-bopping 1-2 beat before returning to its original form. Between the two, ‘Elevation’ is the one to checkout.

We reckon first-timers to Dextone’s music will not be disappointed at all, for this is textbook, well-produced Drum & Bass with a dash of creative uniqueness that is Dextone-flavoured of course.

Words By: Tsheola Asavela


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