Lifestyle Music – Arkitech – MK Ultra/Hold Up [Review]


Lifestyle Music; proudly run by Carthasis and Piper, hits another solid milestone with its sixtieth release thus far, and it is proudly created and brought forth by the UK duo known as Arkitech. They are amongst Lifestyle Music’s expanding, international roster of artists.

Owing its name to the famous mind control method, ‘MK Ultra’ is one of two singles in this release. It is quite a possessive and mysteriously dark tune with a gloomy atmosphere, switches styles as it plays, but never the energetic vibe that it emits through the speakers. ‘Hold Up’ is the name of the second joint here which, tones things down to that minimal flavour, some easy vibes in the first half before; switching up and turning the speed of the drum track up a few notches with a similarly dark but, Jungle style. Both of these singles are done to perfection, and they carry a production signature that introduces first-time listeners to Arkitech in a superb way.

Arkitech shows us another beautiful view of what Lifestyle is about when it comes to their array of music; versatility, finesse, and exploring a variety of the ever-progressing Drum & Bass Frontiers.

Words By: Tsheola Asavela


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