Badtaste Recordings – Filip Motovunski – Right Here/Lava (VIP) [Review]


Filip Motovunski is a DJ/producer from Croatia who; not only does D&B/Jungle but, Hip-Hop and MC’ing is also part of his expertise. He has iconic releases on a list of labels, and has also majorly contributed in the Croatian scene. He’s got this one out with Bad Taste Recordings.

‘Right Here’ makes a nice start with the added speech sample gracing the intro, as the song comes into perspective, and dropping to a clean Jump-Up kind of style. The production is clean, and the overall joint is has a cavernous feel to it thanks to the reverbs; and the very same speech sample is blended in nicely throughout intervals. It’s quite an ideal tune to prep the crowd up for some heaviness to follow. The next track, ‘Lava’ is a VIP (variety in production) of the original that he did a short while back, released together with ‘Shakka’ under the German label BPM Records of which, he is also part of. The tune was a success, and it saw Filip flexing his lyricism in English for the first time. This new version is as blazing and hot as the original however, it does not deviate that much, and that’s fine for a VIP.

Just like his remixes; Filip Motovunski’s original production is catchy without trying too hard, and his creative style keeps it as simple. It’s safe to say that he is a properly seasoned artist in what he does and; his double-CD, Ten Years Making Beats explains it further.

Words By: Tsheola Asavela


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