Commercial Suicide – Klute – ‘Read Between The Lines’ LP – [Review}


From the release of his first solo album (not mention everything in between his extensive discography) Casual Bodies (Certificate 18) back in 1998, Klute is back with a full album after a busy four years. This marks as his eighth album… Read Between The Lines.

Heavenly loaded with fifteen tracks with the idea of it all being based on “urging to look beyond face value…” and not just in his music he says but, “… with everything you experience in life”… Open sesame! A heavenly introduction with Naomi Pryor as the singing angel before Stamina MC takes over the vocal booth on ‘Lose My Way’ carrying on thus, where the intro left off but; adding the beat of the nicely programmed drum pattern and the dominating percussions to run with it. We also come across seriously nice, banging jams such as ‘Lost Sales’; ‘Soul Boy’ and; amongst a handful of others, is a super jam titled ‘Game Is Over’ featuring the legendary, D&B vocal extraordinaire Robert Manos killing it with some deadly Soul. And, it’s not only the Drum & Bass genre from start to end because; there’s the likes of ‘Accept Our Power’; ‘Earth Spits Out The Living’; and that Gospel (not in that orthodox sense) vibe of ‘Clappy’; and so on to also tickle your fancy. The LP also sees ‘You Won’t Like It’ included in the mix of which, is in an EP of the same name that came out in 2015. This album sounds like a spiritual affair and not just mere dance. It wonderfully closes the curtains with ‘We Will Return’, in a similar fashion that it opened in i.e. soothing atmospheric, heavenly vibes.

Read Between The Lines touches the heart and soul, period. It is absolutely magnificent and, is another Klute classic to collect and cherish (also in the form of a 12” vinyl triplet and a CD) because, this right here is one of Tom’s greatest releases.

Words By: Tsheola Asavela


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