Addictive Behaviour Records – Data 3 – Something Strange – [Review]


MIDA, Syrum, and Bryson or rather; the trio that makes up Data 3 have come back with something fresh, consisting of two tracks via Addictive Behaviour. The label’s artist roster is constantly strengthened by such acts.

Deep, dark, and rolling vibes is the style these three are recognized for and, they did exactly that with this one. It becomes no wonder as to why they have gained support from a number of the scene’s heavyweights. Let’s take the title track, ‘Something Strange’ for one; it is made of an enigmatic soundscape that shines a light on the eerie loneliness of night. In simpler, D&B terms; it reverberates with one hell of Reese and slashing saw; the deepest sub; and a non-stop sort of melody made of hypnotising beeps, audibly not too far in the background. And, as for what is dubbed as the ‘Magician’s Number’ in occult circles, the second track titled ‘Eleven’ is a surreal, racing trip. A clean instrumental joint, that has an element of some fast-paced Drum-Funk in it, is what we think and; we really dug its flow and uniqueness. It is the kind of song that can blend in neatly when making transitions in a set especially, to liven and pick things up. However, its liveliness does not give away its mysterious side which, is up to the mind to portray.

Something Strange is a fix made for the serious fiends and their habit and; the three scientists that make up Data 3 have surely synthesized this dope product that makes the heart pump strong.

Words By: Tsheola Asavela


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