Soul Trader Records – Satl – From Time EP – [Review]


The man who dropped a bombin’ gem, which is the You And I EP that came out last year.  The year is still pretty new and, Satl already has some releases out.  This EP, From Time is amongst them.

It’s quite rare, especially nowadays, to find an untitled song and, this release ticks off with a non-descript title.  However, the title or message of the tune is found in its Liquid goodness; and features Harland.  After that, a happy, capturing hook starts its time with its own tick, and it gets nice because it goes “Everybody loves the sunshine” when it takes it to sheer bliss.  We definitely dig this one because we do love some cool and chilled Liquid jams during the summer days and, we do get down.  The title song, ‘From Time’ is neatly set as track three and; it just takes it to the highest levels of well-crafted music, which just elevates passion and emotion.  It is quite an impressive jam, with some beautiful vocals to go with it. The fourth and final joint is complimentary of the previous statement, and is demandingly titled ‘Let’s Fall In Love’.  This closer, is the EP’s victory run, and displays some serious, rapid, machine-gun firing drum play of the Jungle beats; with the shape-shifting of the Amen to Apache-like.

No lie, Satl has produced another musical jewel with this one and thus; shall be a classic for the times. This, compared to You And I, is the next level, coming at its right time.

Words By: Tsheola  Asavela


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