Close 2 Death Presents: 10 Years of C2D Recordings Remixes LP [C2D Recordings] [Review


Gloucester based label, Close 2 Death Recordings is celebrating their ten year anniversary with an LP that contains a variety of remixed tracks throughout and, from their first decade in existence.

There are a total of 12 super, banging remixes that contains the likes of The Clamps kick-starting things with the remix to Rusty K’s ‘AC-130’; Kroks; Skynet, Volatile Cycle; and not forgetting Anthrax re-killing it with his version of Warp Fa2e’s joint who, by the way has done an awesome collaboration with Subminderz to remix ‘The Sin War’; as well as a few other C2D artists, all raising the Neuro-Funk banner in their creative and respective ways. The Int Company (International Drum & Bass Project) is fortunate enough to contribute three hot ones to the mix. We also see four of Khronos and three of Merikan tracks remixed to perfection without taking away the ideas and themes of the original mixes. Although the LP contains serious heavy-hitters from start to finish, we reckon joints such as ‘27 Miles’; ‘Falling Down’; ‘Kill It’ and ‘The Sin War’ are definitely worthy of the ear, for both DJs and the Neuro-Steppers alike for they are definite chart toppers.

A huge, exclamatory “WOW!” is all that can be said about 10 Years of C2D Recordings LP. This album just proves how powerful and impactful Neuro-orientated Drum & Bass still is as it evolves. A brilliant work of music this is.

Words By: Tsheola Asavela


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