Dub Shotta Recordings – Benny Page – Champagne Bubbler – [Review]


The man who brought you the 2006 smash anthem, ‘Turn Down The Lights’ is out there in Jungle with another debut, only this time he has come through with a new imprint, Dub Shotta Recordings.

Champagne Bubblers is a four-track EP made “… for the gurners” because it packs some thundering shots in the quietness of the Jungle.  Starting with the crispness of the title song; from the get-go it’s hyped up with excitement, cheeriness, and positive vibes.  Like the title goes, it is indeed a feel-good joint that gets you high from its euphoric elements.  ‘Pon De Body’ also on the same tip and, continues the strong energy with this Dancehall type of banger, filled with that electric buzz that makes it twice as nice to vibe and flow to.  It is then followed by the flow of the clean 1-2 Step and the Jump-Up beats of ‘Bad Inna England’ which must be highlighted and noted as a definite smasher in fact, it must stamped and certified as an anthem.  Plus it bears an interesting and memorable title that can be reflective in multiple ways.  As for the testimonial voice of the song itself, it guarantees this with all due respect, enough said.  And then, comes in a special dedication to all the Sound Boys out there, before the EP is shut down with ‘Kil Sound’.  We guess that’s what inevitably happens at the end of the Rave.

Champagne Bubblers EP is strictly for a good time therefore, it is sure to bring down a God-dammed rain of fire and thunder upon the dance floor.  A Benny Page production is truly on another level.

Words By: Tsheola Asavela


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