Function Records – The VIPS – [Review]


One of the pioneers in spearheading the D&B music scene, Digital and his stable Function Records is out with this exclusive EP loaded with Variation in Productions (VIPs) of his bangers.  This release in a way, celebrates a milestone of forty releases by Function Records thus far.

This collector’s item has four VIPs namely; three solo titles by the man himself and; a single collaboration he did with Drumsound & Bassline Smith about a year ago.  The latter, titled ‘Bail Out’ (First World Problems EP) comes as the first track, with Spirit turning it into some Raving Jungle vibes on an Apache.  Next is Benny Page’s rework of the 2008 release, ‘Calling’ (Fist Of Fury 2 EP) who; has kept the song’s essence but, tweaked and tuned it to this present-future tense, with his pinch of flavouring to the mix.  From his first album (Dubzilla) back in 2002 and obviously a classic, is the joint ‘Daylight Robbery’ honorably given to J Kenzo to make further magic out of, before S.P.Y rounds up the mix with a single called ‘Deadline’.  This one has a remix as well, and earning a spot in the Classic Beatport charts in 2015, compliments of Dub-Phizix.  S.P.Y has managed to uphold the song’s status, too without any argument.

To conclude, we would like to add emphasis on the first statement in the above paragraph.  This EP also goes well with the collecting and possession of the original mixes, for they are carefully selected classic tunes who, in this project, were resurrected for yet another classic and iconic life as an album to have.

Words By: Tsheola Asavela


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