Wrec Records -Habitat – Distant/Orbit – [Review]


Wrec Record’s fourth offering comes in the form of literally, a couple brought to you by Bournemouth’s Wrec Records and Habitat (UFD and Foundation Nights) who; has seen releases from numerous huge imprints in his growing career.

‘Distant’ and ‘Orbit’– both titles can be phrased as one so therefore, the idea here is that we are taken away, straight into “distant orbit” by the music thus, we timelessly dwell in this different habitat for a nine minutes of a constant head-bopping and limb-moving trance state.  Both songs have the same style and vibe to them to express the theme however, they sound like they have different “atmospheres” from one another in terms of a setting that comes to mind.  ‘Distant’ is picturesque of a scenario in another world far from ours whilst; ‘Orbit’ is set in infinite extent of deep, dark space and travelling at parsecs to the furthest reaches.  Otherwise, we have a double-dose of fast-paced, progressive tunes that showcase their own style and taste in D&B music, not to mention baring the concept of “imaginative music”.

After listening to these two joints, Habitat and Wrec Records deserve a stand-ovation for this release, fair and square.  It comes as no wonder that the ‘Young Junglist’ has gotten support from the legends in the Jungle game.

Words By: Tsheola Asavela


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