Kill Tomorrow Records – Mean Teeth – Abnormal EP – [Review]


Kill Tomorrow Recordings is a huge family, with notable members such as Tomtek (founder); Tobax; Nickbee; ChaseR; and many more.  Mean Teeth is part of the familia and, has dropped something crazy titled the Abnormal EP.

With the eleventh episode of the label’s podcast series mixed by the Mean duo to commemorate this awesome release, the work itself (including the album art) is just dark, abstract, and just goes its own way.  The title song is welcomed with a grand entrance by the buzzing of the weird horns and a voice clip, soon joined by a play of break-beats and a saw bass, stretching for a bit to allow for a shift into a  D&B drop.  From there, the track fluctuates between heaviness and lightness while still maintaining the same feel.  ‘Give Up’ is an ideal club warmer with its interesting energy and bouncy tones and lastly; ‘Nomad’ completes the trio with a calmer, lighter approach to the sound elements and is one to pay close scrutiny to.  In the beginning, it boasts a mystery as to how it’s going to turn out and, when it does get into it; it is a cross between Drum-Funk and some Techy, Neuro-Funk.  With just a triplet, it’s interesting to note that the duo display a taste of how versatile they can be with their music.

After all is said and done, we reckon Abnormal qualifies in executing and fulfilling Kill Tomorrow’s mission which, “is to push the boundaries for dark and funky Drum & Bass”.  The statement just about summarizes what we heard in this EP.

Words By: Tsheola Asavela


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