AFT Records – Presents: Next Wave 2 – [Review]


Ambush Family Tree Records, or better known as just AFT hails from the UK, with a second volume of the Next Wave collection, following its predecessor which came out two years ago.  It is proudly presented by Bristol’s very own, Carasel.

Next Wave 2 is comprised of four artists, and five tracks in total. At the top; is Octo Pi doing a VIP (variety in production) version of ‘Bring It’, following the original mix in the first volume, done by yours truly, and released in 2015.  It equally packs heat, as much as the original does.  And, from Worcester, UK comes Khemikal featuring MC Kaydan on two versions of ‘Yes Kay’ included; with the other being a full vocal (rap) edit.  Also, riding the wave from Spain is Sinai with a mysterious tune called ‘Nightfall’ that comes in at track number three and; it does pack a punch for days.  We come back to the shores of the United Kingdom, with Verdikt on a bad boy, mean-ass kind of a track after roughly a year of not dropping anything.  The song has somewhat, its own vibe with a demented, bouncy, and wicked bass line synth.  It also comes with a punchy kick, and some dope clap snares that spice up the bounce. All in all, this second volume is a well-produced EP and so now, we want to go back to the first wave (Next Wave EP) as well, after riding this one.

Being AFT’s eleventh release to date, makes it a significant project for, the number ‘11’ is regarded as the ‘Magician’s Number’ in esoteric circles.  This translates into a hit record in the world of D&B or EDM.

Words By: Tsheola Asavela


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