KLP Records Presents: The Remixes LP- Past Present + Future – [Review]


The legendary DJ Monk and his label, KLP records have managed to cook up a dish of fifteen remixes of jams that go from as way back as the 90’s, as part of the label’s re-launch.  This is KLP Records presenting the ‘Past, Present + Future’ with The Remixes LP.

The very best of Jungle producers that the UK has to offer; from those who were present back in those early days of Jungle/D&B, to the new cats in the scene.  It is a blazing fire, straight from Audio Addict’s, DJ Hybrid setting it ablaze; down to the last joint.  In between, there’s the likes of DJ Choppah; Dapz; Papa G and; hearing DJ QT and Lion UK doing remixes for one another.  DJ Monk himself puts in a hand with a remix to Lion UK’s ‘Freaky Fly Girl’; and has a total of eight remixes of his past work remixed and re-done.  Those songs are, namely: ‘I Spy (Eye Nuh See)’ “re-fixed” by Serum & Serial Killaz and an Inna Culture 2016 Remix to the ’94 classic.  The other; ‘Deal Wid It’ is proudly tweaked by Ray Keith, as well as DJ Vapour with his ‘Tear Up Refix’ to the tune.  Ikon B & Crisis have two of their classics in the mix as well i.e. ‘Kills Every Sound’ and ‘Stop Fighting’ and; they also remixed one.  And all that could be said is that, in a nutshell this LP is a timeless journey to the future of this music, looking through the past, from a present perspective of Drum & Bass and Jungle, and what it stands for in this instance.

It is mixture of combustive substances that ignite into an inferno therefore; it is definitely a super comeback for KLP Records.  This LP is without a doubt, a collector’s item because it is the very best of Jungle.

Words By: Tsheola Asavela


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