Warm Communications – Hydro, War & Mateba – Clair Obscur/Nostalgia [Review]


2017 marks thirteen years for Warm Communications and, they are switching on the warmness this year with two singles, via Hydro, War & Mateba. Well, owing to this, it has been five months passed since Warm Comm had anything out.

We have the single ‘Clair Obscur’ beginning with a captivating pad, and a sampled clip of a young girl then, after about twenty seconds of waiting for the drop; comes a mysterious soundscape, shrouded in a dark layer in terms of the mood of the track. Avoiding the in depth technicalities herein, it’s simply any easy-flowing tune, with minimal instrumentation thus accentuating the atmospherics and the drum track. The next single, ‘Nostalgia’ starts in the same manner but, takes on a lighter approach by being a neat, smooth Liquid jam. It possesses slightly heightened spirits, instead of what might be expected of a song that speaks of nostalgia however; it does (because of the title) forcefully invoke that nostalgic feeling on a more cruising note. It seems like this double-single had been held back for a short while because, it is only coming out after four previous releases from the label, according to the catalogue. We reckon, it had to wait for the right time despite what the order or sequence says.

The trio coming together has resulted in sheer awesomeness and, this overdue release proves that it does not beg to differ from what Hydro, War & Mateba have previously come up with either collectively, or on their own to date.

Words By: Tsheola Asavela


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