Beat Machine Records – Itoa – Swinging Flavours #4 – [Review]


Swinging Flavours is back and, Itoa is the featured artist this time around, courtesy of Beat Machine Records. This month sees the fourth installment coming out and so, the swinging continues…

… With Itoa bringing that Jungle flavour to the collection with a single titled ‘Strange Attractor’. With this current one, Itoa follows namely; Ticklish (Swinging Flavours #3); Lynch Kingsley & Block Mameli (Swinging Flavours #2) and; having started with Sun People (Swinging Flavours #1) in January 2016 respectively. The A-side sees the original mix; a dope concoction of Middle-Eastern/Oriental melodies; some neat, clean drums; and other interesting sounds that took us to an imaginary party, in the middle of a desert utopia. On the B-side, we find Sully’s remix which maintains the same mood and feel, only differing of course, with the creative input through a few additions of them interesting sounds. The drum track has a slight change as well but, either way, both are avant-garde when you speak of Jungle, not forgetting that element of ambience or Intelligence in both of them. In the digital release, there’s an extra, exclusive treat; titled ‘This Tune’ which, completes the idea of Itoa’s signature concerning his interesting production skills.

If nice, chilled Jungle is your preferred taste then, this will definitely be a flavour to enjoy. Besides being released digitally, Swinging Flavours #4 also comes in a 7” vinyl for the wax junkies and collectors.

Words By: Tsheola Asavela


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