BFTR interview: Lynx


Photo by: Chelone Wolf


We, at BFTR spoke and had a little chat with Artist, DJ/Producer Lynx concerning his contribution to a remix album titled Precious Things Remixes [Megahit Records], with the original album by American duo, Peppermint Heaven. He had the opportunity to work on two tracks from this release and, this is what the Detail Recordings front man had to say about this project, which is initially out of the Drum & Bass sphere…

BFTR: Firstly, how did your involvement in the remix project come about?

Lynx: I had recently joined Music Gateway, a website dedicated to bringing musicians together with other areas of the music industry. I joined to widen my horizons outside of Drum and Bass music and find a new challenge to get my teeth into. I was looking through posts for a day or two and nothing was inspiring me, then i found Megafan’s post asking for remixes of their band Peppermint Heaven. Listening to their music instantly got me interested in remixing their work.

BFTR: Before this, we guess you weren’t familiar with PH’s music?

Lynx: I wasn’t familiar with Peppermint Heaven’s music.
BFTR: And so, what’s your take on their Retro/Synth-Pop style of music?
Lynx: It’s awesome! It reminds me of my youth listening to Pop music, when Pop had something cool about it in the 80’s, when synthesizers met good old-fashioned songwriting.

BFTR: Creatively speaking; as well as on the overall production side of things, how was the

whole experience working on the tracks ‘Words Colliding’ and ‘Talk To Me’?
Lynx: It was great fun for me. It was a step outside of my comfort zone. I don’t often get to remix tracks outside of my genre of Drum and Bass music. Whilst I enjoy remixing other DnB tracks it’s so much nicer to remix something from a different genre. It was rewarding to emphasize the bits of the original tracks that I liked and embellish with my own flavour.

BFTR: Were there any glitches and obstacles therein?

Lynx: As always with remixes there were a few issues on the way! It was tough trying to find a balance of old and new. I didn’t want to kill the emotion by sterilizing the remix. The innocence of Peppermint Heaven’s music is in their impurities. Nothing quite sits perfectly but that keeps the listener engaged, so often missed in music nowadays. I was mindful to get the balance right with modernizing their sound with my techniques whilst retaining the emotion and structure of the original songs.

BFTR: It’s dope how you put it there… Now, tell us which song was your favorite or, you enjoyed listening to after all was done and dusted?
Lynx: That is a tough one to call. I actually just had to listen to them both through a few times to decide… I would have to say ‘Words Colliding’ is my favourite. It brings back fond memories listening to the little vocal chops after “all I wanna know is what she’s hiding”; once I got those nailed I knew the remix was coming together!

BFTR: And Lastly, what can your fans expect this year from you? Are there any collaborative projects in the works for 2017?

Lynx: I’m currently writing a Half-Tempo DnB album. Well, that’s how I’m pitching it in Drum and Bass circles. Actually it’s a whole lot more than that. It’s an exploration into music around 80 to 90 BPM.  I have been working on it for about 5 months and I can sense it’s nearly finished. I’m 20 tracks in but i just keep writing and every tune just gets that little “better than the last” so i keep going. Right now I’m unsure if it will be under a different name, it’s quite a departure from what people know me for. But that’s what I thrive on, keeping things fresh and interesting keeps me inspired and writing music.


Words By: Tsheola Asavela


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