Megahit Records – Peppermint Heaven – Precious Things The Remix EP[Lynx Remixes] – [Review]



Photo Cred: Chelone Wolf

Here, we have Lynx’s contribution of two tracks for a remix project of the debut album Precious Things by the Chicago band (duo), Peppermint Heaven. He takes it from their Retro Synth-Pop styled music; into some mean-ass Drum & Bass fuelled beats.

The tracks in question are; the last song, ‘Talk To Me’ which packs an interesting, anticipatory build-up to the clean drop; and a perfect use of the sample clips to create something that sounds as if this is the actual original song instead of a mere D&B remake. The other; is the fourth tune, titled ‘Words Colliding’ contains a similarly recognizable vocal trademark (which puts to perspective Peppermint Heaven’s style of music) of which, Lynx created something that is a cross between Liquid and a laid-back Roller. Having been following the Portsmouth native’s production style for months now, he always plays around, uniquely well with what he’s got on the table and, every song of his always seems to differ from the last. Therefore, it’s safe to say that, he did these songs some justice on behalf of our beloved genre with this impressive auditory display of ingenious methodologies in his remixing capabilities. This is a taste of what D&B does to cheesy 80’s Synth-Pop music.

The Precious Things Remixes contains a total of eleven songs, made up of different genres and, obviously for us, as bass heads we recommend these two for a listen for, it is what we dig. What a way for Lynx to start the New Year.

Words By: Tsheola Asavela


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