C4C Recordings – L33 – The Crypt EP – [Review]


The Bulgarian Drum & Bass producer, and pioneer in his field, L33 is out on a rampage once again, with The Crypt EP via the guys at Cause4Concern. It is undeniable as to why this Extended Player release has been awaited with anticipation.

The horror starts from the get-go with the title track; hearing Hijak MC spitting some sadistic raps with that villain voice of his. The drop is a “burst” meaning; it really sounds and feels like it’s an explosion of some sort when it goes down. Likewise, the consistency of the theme and what the EP portrays is easily maintained throughout… heavy-hitting, twisted and horrific vibes throughout the other joints, namely; ‘Most Wanted’; and some Techy and Funky grooves we find in ‘Destabilise’. The last song is a heavy and massive treat, in the form of a remix to Cause4Corncern’s ‘Jinx’. Need to say, that L33 shuts it down by going harder and not showing mercy with this one. However, all in all, this EP sees L33 displaying his exceptional production, topped with wild creativity in his dark art which is what makes him the dope artist that he is.

The Beatport exclusive came out in the first week of this month but, that does not matter much for, The Crypt EP will either way, have its way to many more ears out there, and that’s the bottom line.

On behalf of L33, we dedicate this for the hard-core Ravers, those who prefer their Drum & Bass rough, rugged and raw. L33 never considers disappointing, when it comes to perfectly delivering what he specializes in.

Words By: Tsheola Asavela


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