MethLab Recordings – VA – Revenant LP – [Review]



MethLab, the agency broadened into a record label has fiercely weaved it’s way to being a formidable force in the scene in its own right with the roster of work it has released over the past year. Now MethLab Recordings presents to us the Revenant LP. An assemblage of copious sonic warfare set to disposition your auditory cortex.

The LP boasts 9 solid tracks cocked and loaded at the ready for your arsenal with craftsmanship ranging from a cluster of virtuosos such as Current Value, Rawtekk, Malux, Silent Witness, Broken Note, War, MachineCode & Skynet as well as Hypoxia & HYQXYZ.

Up first on the ceremonious opening of this LP is CV with ‘Time Rubber‘, conjuring a summoning beat intro which then slowly strips back a little towards the drop only to roughly plunge you into its searing synths followed by a stampede of galloping kicks. Just goes to show with the first track that there isn’t any time to slowly reel you into the swing of things but feed you to the soundscapes as things kick off.

If you were still trying to catch your breath during CV’s track, well Broken Note is here to ease up the pace a little with ‘Nightcrawler‘, but not so much merciful on the carnage as well, as the track takes grimy sonic molds devouring your cortex.

Thirdly is veterans Rawtekk coming in a little lighter on the LP with ‘Subway‘ shooting in with a fat bouncy kick and groove flavoured with all of the funk. Now come in MachineCode with ‘Voltron‘ slightly howling in on the pad work intro and tribalistic beats and purely drops to that tone throughout the tune.

Voltron is followed nicely by ‘Darvaza’ from War incorporating more sophisticated drum work but to almost the same vibes. Ambush is one by Silent Witness that is a well-tailored neuro tech roller.

Hypoxia & HYQXYZ are at the collab again with ‘Exploit’ and this time pulling through cinematic builds and a grungy body of work and menacing soundscapes. Then followed by a relatively new Malux who’s been having us on the edge for some time now. This time Malux presents ‘Begin’, a tune with significant blows for any floor and inciting total debauchery.

On the closing of this LP, Skynet & MachineCode take on ‘Hologram‘ with a chugging vibe and rioting synth work. An epic sealing of this LP I’ll add. The artists did absolutely well on this and we can also thank MethLab for curating and putting out such splendour of work. Big up!

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