Emcee Recordings – Mozey -Destroyer of Worlds EP – Review]


Emcee Recordings is the stable bringing out this fresh installment for its thirty-seventh release and, the three tracks that come with the Destroyer Of Worlds EP are surely something that makes Mozey a character to peep.

The title tracks comes in first; with a hook that announces the Armageddon with the speech sample and the eerie atmospheres that the ‘Destroyer Of Worlds’ brings with him. For Disc Jockeys out there, it is a perfect number to kick-off a set that is bound to be a fiery one as it goes because this one right here sets the mood. ‘Release Me’ features Jack Kaind on the vocal, with his voice sounding so ethereal on this empty or hollow-sounding, drum track-dominated head-banger of a joint, strictly for the thoroughbred and matured Junglists. It must also be said that, this is a versatile tune that blends in almost anywhere, despite its lowly and lonely mood. Finally, we come to ‘Tracksides’ making a sort of grand entry through the eardrums. It is quite a really dope instrumental of which; is one of those tunes that stand out, and easily recognizable the next time one hears it. So, between the three, this is the one that did it for us (although, we loved what Jack did in the previous one) simply because of how different and banging it is; and also, how it’s seems to be full of energy and activity whilst; it is the opposite of that all at the same time.

If this does not make it to the charts then, we guess it will label Mozey as underrated because his stuff is seriously good for what it is. Being a new artist to our knowledge, he definitely has bought our ear from now on, and beyond.

Words By: Tsheola Asavela


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