The Express – VA – Edition #2 – [Review]


Behold, as Drum & Bass Express drops the sequel to their various artists project, The Express collection. This second edition showcases a whole new set of artists putting in a hand in the album.

Edition #2 is opened by one iconic figure, Dawn Raid (Hocus Pocus) with an old-skool sounding ‘Pitch Black’, energetic and dedicated to making the dance floor shake with its vibes. The former Need For Mirrors member, HLZ follows up with a fusion of harmonic atmospheres and fast-paced drum patterns in ‘From A Distance’. The composition and arrangement is perfectly done in this Liquid roller, it is something obvious of a thumbs up. And, on track number three, we see a collaboration between UK MC, Agman Gora mashing up once again with London’s own Philth, to produce this deep, dark, angry  and growling number called ‘Death From Below’ . This edition closes with ‘Stood Up’ by Symptom (Savage Rehab) & Parallel Motion (DnB Radio) which is a banger similarly to the previous track. It’s interesting to see what DNBE is doing with their releases, fairly exploring all tastes and styles found in the D&B spectrum, in such small doses of it i.e. the four tracks that these releases contain to date.

This second offering cannot be compared to the previous one rather; they are both equally tantalizing in the ear and, the artist rosters are likewise impressive, judging by their respective rep sheets. Edition #2 is an addition to a collection of future classics.

Words By: Tsheola Asavela


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