Eatbrain Records – Chris.SU – Solar Eclipse – [Review]


As one of the imprints in the forefront of blood rushing induced releases, Eatbrain Recordings sure have vibes on lockdown and anteing the game up with no holds back every single time and with a well choreographed assault move on your senses.

Kicking back up on the Eatbrain rota is Chris.SU, one of the guys who’s been ascending over the neuro train over some years bringing his well established craftsmanship on his new EP titled “Solar Eclipse” packing 5 missiles in it. Setting things alight from the get go is the title track, coming up from a sparse drum work build up and alluring pad work only to tip your brain sideways on the drop, protruding with weighted synth work.

Second track coming in is Last Laugh, which opens up with an intro that paints unsafe territories accompanied by the complementing vocal work of Nuklear MC totally executing the delivery of the bars as the track kicks into unregulated high club floor energies.

The other three tracks being Complexity, D4NC3 and lastly being The Arrow have the same relentless vibe to them strengthening the entire EP as solid throwdown for the artist reinforcing him even more as a staple in the scene.


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