Detail Recordings – Lynx -Bean Stash/15th Time Lucky – [Review]


With 2016 nearing a close, Detail Recordings has been open and; Lynx has been bringing us release after release non-stop. This recent offer is yet another addition to his ever-increasing discography.

Okay, we have just two tracks to jam to and; with one of them having the very, well-known Zero One as a featured artist, we knew with certainty that it’s a super jam before even clicking on the ‘play’ button. The name of the song is called ‘Bean Stash’, and it makes some mash out of those beans, for days. From the second it plays, it instantly hooks with a clean Apache break and some distorted alarm sounds first; does a sort of double build-up then, drops to a concoction of dizzy and buzzing bass lines. The countless hits add to the excitement, in the company of interesting zaps of electricity, and also; the song decides to take a short turn, somewhere in the middle whereby; the break changes a bit. It may be weird and different but, it is definitely dope. ‘15th Time Lucky’ is also quite nice and excited too, not forgetting unpredictable as well as to the different directions it takes, especially around the first minute or so. We could also add that, it is also one jolly and crazy song that’s quite fun to listen and to move to, without any worries however; it does travel with ease and smoothness.

This freshest release from the Detail Recordings is without a lie, something really different and seemingly experimental in some way. It is sure to capture the heads who love their D&B all creative and explorative because, it does stand out.

Words By: Tsheola ‘Vagabond’ Asavela


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