Red Light Records – Monty – Far Side/Alarm It – [Review]


Optiv is one of the top noted producers/artists to have played a huge role in shaping the D&B genre. With this release that he presents via his label, Red Light Records, he brings to the stage Monty.

Straight from Toulouse, France; this DJ/producer is giving us two heart and ear-pounding singles to get wild to. With the first tune being ‘Far Side’; strictly coming at it with that fast-paced, techy vibe which possess that renowned style of that proper, old-skool or preferably, classic Tech-Step Drum & Bass spirit. Then, with ‘Alarm It’ we have something headed straight for the home-run meaning; this jam is a definite hit for the Raves and D&B airwaves. Yep, it does not compromise in invoking that move-your-body-now factor; with a Bass Face to second it. See, when this joint drops, it results in mayhem emanating from all those effects; amidst the drums and the speech from the angry bass and; the play of the vocal sample, neatly laid over like a cherry on top, adds a finishing touch to the flavor.

No lie, after just hearing only these two songs, it is enough to guarantee Monty as a talented producer to really look out for. This is an ideal example and is proof enough of an artist with a notable, undeniable craft.

Words By: Tsheola ‘Vagabond’ Asavela


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