Terminal – VA – NODE OXOOA EP – [Review]


The Node EP is made up of a total of six acts coming together and, presenting Terminal’s second installment of this label’s various artists (VA) endeavors to date.

To quote their modus operandi which is: “Bringing Heavy Tech” simply enough. If however, that is not enough for comprehension, listening to these four, nicely done tracks will display a brief example.

Our main, chosen favorites are; Optiv & CZA with the mysterious, far-away sound we find in ‘Strangelands’ and; ‘Clone’ by Malux on track three. The former, is an awesome auditory marker that tells the time, meaning; it packs that midnight-at-the-club kind of vibe. It progresses and races with a relentless spirit and; is quite a versatile joint to blend in. The latter, is more sinister though, and it seems like Malux’s intent is as criminal as the pharmaceutical companies with his sonic administration. Note how, after it breaks for the atmospheric interval, the build-up expands and, anticipation kicks in as if the drop is going to be mad explosive but instead, it resumes in a decent manner contrary to the overall gravity and weight of it.

Expect to also hear Current Value’s rough, rugged but, banging ‘Subconscious’. This definitely puts to notice a slight, demented shift in the psyche then; it’s only fathomable as to why it is titled so. Not in the least, but right at the end like a tail is ‘Wildcat’ on a not so inconspicuous ambush, to finally shutting it down in a beastly manner of course.

No lie, all four tunes are inferno blazers on the dance floor, at least; one of them deserves a spot on the D&B charts (the Beatport Top 100 releases for instance). Be it the old or, new skool; Tech-Step fans will really dig Node EP.

Words By: Tsheola ‘Vagabond’ Asavela


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