Boundless Beats Records – SubMarine – Nitro/30 Pictures – [Review]

bb005_submarine_cover_1440_x_1440Cologne brings out one of its artists and, it is presented by Boundless Beatz. SubMarine A.K.A Jonas Briere is the name and Drum & Bass DJ/Producer is the game and, he brings two singles with him to the table.

The single ‘Nitro’ sounds like an auditory rendition of a submerged craft in the depths of a cold ocean; with refreshing pad sounds that make up the basic, tranquil anatomy of this song’s structure. From beginning, until the end it flows easily with ambient textures and atmospheres. In addition, a remix made by Boundless Beatz very own, Wintermute is the extra treat included and; unlike the original mix, this latter version comes through with a boost and thus, shifts from that deeply and relaxing atmosphere, into something with more power and speed. However; emphasis is not too much on that but, it is just good enough to make it an appropriate dance floor wonder.

Listening to the next one, ‘30 Pictures’ which; is also an easy-going, smooth ride and together; the two singles give off an idea as to this artist’s general style of production. Well, the outcome is a clean, polished and mature sound to relax to any day.

With support from heavyweights like DBridge; Subwave; Xtrah; amongst more is already a recommendation to give SubMarine a good listen. On that note, he’s got the goods and indeed, is one to look out for.

Words By: Tsheola ‘Vagabond’ Asavela


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