Lockdown Recordings – Trex – Burnt Paradise EP – [Review]


Lockdown Recordings UK is bringing out their twenty-eighth release with Trex and, it is tragically titled Burnt Paradise. We wonder if it has to do with Castlevania’s Portrait of Ruin, either way; it does pack heat.

His quick come-back with this interesting EP, via Lockdown Recordings comes with some heavy hitters indeed. Coming across tracks like ‘Trife Life’ and ‘Cloudy Eyes’ invokes that aggressive energy from within when one is seriously at it, with their main ingredients being some rolling drums and rumbling synthesis that gives the music a dark flavor to jam hard to. Both these two joints are promising of making it to the charts or many-a-DJ playlists out there.

The final song, ‘Crumble Down’ is the only slowed down exception here but even so, the EP’s theme of darkness and destruction is still maintained, and ended with a Jungle tip to easily step to. Not forgetting the title track ‘Burnt Paradise’; it welcomes the ear with hard-core roughness and dirty vibes but, that does not mean the mix or mastering ain’t clean for, the clarity and perfection herein is super and, caters these powerful songs well without irritating someone who is not familiar with the vibes.

On that note, Trex’s style is a neat balance of deep atmospheres and harmonics, together with rich, raw and dark flavors, well; at least that is the précis of the UK producer’s style in this conceptual EP.

Words By: Tsheola ‘Vagabond’ Asavela


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