MethLab Recordings – Hydro – Ethos EP – [Review]


The third, yet another one from the BNKR series is back, courtesy of MethLab Recordings. As we near the end of year, it returns with Hydro dropping a one-of-kind release that he named Ethos.

The whole EP is a mash-up of collaborative works, containing input from the likes of these well-known artists: Mateba; Villem; and sees War making three appearances out of the total of four tunes. Namely; there’s the Minimal sounds of ‘Time’ with its tranquil reverbs and lonely echoes; immediately followed by ‘Faus Amis’ which is also Minimally-orientated. The sampled laughter of a man adds an interesting, unexpected flavor to it and; also, the other chopped sample of what sounds like a Middle-Eastern/Oriental chant, just creates a distant, ancient, desert feel to the whole song. War also contributed in ‘Nothing To Lose’, with Mateba also adding his touch to the mix to come up with an avant-garde joint. In just a few seconds to the three-minute mark, the song undergoes the first of a few, unpredictable and interesting transitions, but making sure that it maintains the songs theme and momentum with ease. This puts to light every individual’s distinct style or creativeness without damaging the song’s overall vibe however; you’d swear that you were listening to mix.

In the title track, Hydro features the highly talented Villem, with a bopping jam that takes the mind on a journey on a mixed train of thoughts but, not too serious in its depths.

The EP is sort of psychedelic, and is able to make the listener somewhat high on the music it has to offer. The level of production and skill that Hydro has got is just amazing and exceptional. So, Ethos EP definitely gets thumbs up.

Words By: Tsheola ‘Vagabond’ Asavela


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