Ignescent Recordings – ChaseR – First Encounter EP – [Review]


Straight from Russia is Ignescent Recordings which; is still a young one in the world of D&B labels but, it is already seasoned enough to stand with the best. First Encounter EP by ChaseR, is the label’s fifth release to highlight this.

Four tracks make up the EP and, the first three are totally hot club bangers to go through, starting off with the title track which has a catchy play of instruments and, the creativity behind the lay-out of the effects results in something that just rocks the body. Similarly with ‘Vobla Punch’ and ‘Cold Embrace’ which follow thereafter; having with them nice and chilled, innocent introductions when they start, as if the drops will be something soft and chilled. Well, it’s not that instead, the beats are hyper, really excited and, contains a wicked shade of viciousness in them. However, the second track between the three i.e. ‘Vobla Punch’ came out as our chosen favorite somehow. There’s just that something about it that slightly stands out and thus, making it more doper. It’s probably the power and, that “punch” behind its namesake.

The fourth and last, titled ‘Subsidence’ is a magnificent fusion of Intelligence/Ambient Drum & Bass; with a medium stroke of hardness, made so by the roar of the synth coming in with that raw note. It is definitely something awesome, versatile and unique to listen to, and it can blend in with basically any set at a club or, even the playlist at home; no matter the theme.

The style or how the final product came out can be described and understood in three simple words; raw; energy-filled and; timeless. With that summarized, this EP surely entices and unlocks the Raver within effortlessly.

Words By: Tsheola ‘Vagabond’ Asavela


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