Eastside Records – A-Sides – Quart Sector 4 – [Review]


For the past three months, A-Sides has been continually releasing the Quart Sector series which; has been going strong to date and, is now on its fourth installment to add to the collection.

The fourth Sector is comprised of merely five songs which; are made up of two solos; and three collabos with other artists. Namely; the UK’s Nu-Soul extraordinaire, Vanessa Freeman (Chilli Funk Records/Mighty Truth band) lending in a soft, feminine touch through her seasoned vocals right at the top, with an uplifting and inspiring jam called ‘Believe In Who You Are’. At times when life inflicts doubts, this is a joint to bump. The second collaboration is for the track ‘Avenger’ with Brooklyn’s very own D&B MC, T.R.A.C. spitting a fiery flow (with coolness) on the microphone; on something this grimy and rough but; with an urban, classy groove all at the same time. Also, in the last song, Spikey Tee (one of the original Rude Boys of London) is featured for that smooth, masculine touch in the vocals this time, in ‘Take My Time’. It surely did not hurt to have something really soulful with such maturity in the song’s feel, as well as the statement it sets. In the beginning, we seemingly thought he was going to kick it with a Toaster vibe though.

On the solo end; ‘Break It Down’ does exactly what the title says. The drum programming/sequences are quite interesting and; ‘In Reality’ whereby, the ancient and tribal elements of the percussions dominate the whole flow. The mentioned, organic sound is smartly infused with futuristic, space effects to add that “Electronic” factor in the whole mix.

We highly recommend Quart- Sector 4, just as much as we do from the first edition of this project for, they all promise a diverse and highly artistic content to take you on a trip. While we bang this, we await the next installment with anticipation.

Words By: Tsheola ‘Vagabond’ Asavela


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