Trust Audio – Trex – Conundrum EP – [Review]


He’s that kid on the block that has gotten support from the likes of Andy C; DJ Hype; A-Sides; amongst many others. The advent of this three-track EP from the London native is Trust Audio’s sophomore release as a newbie label.

From the top is the title track, ‘Conundrum’– an enigma of tune, made so by its atmosphere and a short, chopped vocal sample. It’s like a bouncy tune, with some Funk in it; with an interesting play of “excited” sounds with a particular, distinct one amongst them. Next up, things get ‘A Little Mad’ coming in with a notable entrance when it starts playing. It drops in hard with punchy kicks and a roaring synthesis of its bass and, it has that dark ambience like a gathering of storm clouds. In the middle (on the second drop), the drum track sequence undergoes a transition that is tantamount to the bridge before, resuming to the initial break beat.

‘Jibber Jabber’ sees Trex having some silly fun with it, creatively though when; messing around with this head-bopper containing a common Hip-Hop phrase/statement that he neatly sampled. Clean and, well compressed claps substitute the normal snares in this number which go “double-clap” at intervals. All in one, Conundrum EP is a good, unique listen. “Rolling dark and dirty with a little slice of Funk” is what Trex says he’s music is about. Honestly enough, we agree.

Trex and fellow co-owner of the label, MC QU3ST are destined for a great adventure with this venture. We think Trust Audio will establish itself to prominence if, it maintains the momentum with releases of this magnitude.

Words By: Tsheola ‘Vagabond’ Asavela


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