Metnem Records – War – Bismuth ft SK4NZ/Lesser Evil – [Review]


Samy Ponsar A.K.A War is a French producer who’s coming out this November on the Metnem stable. Known to work very closely with Horizon Music’s Hydro; and Mateba in some projects, he excused himself for a short while to drop this double-single.

The first single we look at, features and lends a contribution from his mate Sk4nz, who says it was “made drunk af with the bro War”. It is titled ‘Bismuth’ and, it packs serious heat. It begins with the drums creeping up before it drops to a nice 1-2 hook. When the bass line kicks in and dominates, that’s where the song properly runs. It also plays an eerie pad and other sounds that create such a haunting effect.

‘Lesser Evil’ also carries the same dark spirit and atmospheres as the first but, it has a bit more dope vibe to offer and, we like it a bit more with its cool futuristic and mystical feel, added with that tribal touch. All in all however, both are an awesome pair of banging tunes to jam to strong.

War raises the Drum & Bass flag in France with what he does for this is a glimpse of his creative talent. His music is impressive, and definitely to look out for now, and in the near future.

Words By: Tsheola ‘Vagabond’ Asavela


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