Audio Addict Records – Kumarachi – Flashback LP – [Review]


Kumarachi has been in the D&B and Dub-Step scene for a while, and has dropped some tunes out; now the Nottingham-based producer, Kumarachi drops his debut LP titled Flash Back on Audio Addict Records.

It took close to a year to produce and complete this album and, it must be said that, it is indeed a good listen. Here, Kumarachi shows off his musical freedom and creativity without any bounds, through a span of fourteen songs in total. Included, is a song he did with the well-known vocalist, Liam Bailey titled ‘4am Where Are You’ which is a definite hit for the stations and dance floors out there. His voice here plays as the catalyst that takes the listener to “that” level.

The first track, ‘Shifting Sands’ is the first single that brought the attention to the advent of the LP; with a special, harmonic intro that runs for close to a minute and a half before it drops. There’s also some Jungle in the form of ‘Murder’. Other cool joints that we liked herein are; ‘Heat It Up’; the title song, with its crazy bass and old-skool keys and; ‘Ease The Tempo’ which is also an interesting listen to peep as well, with percussions and a dope, deep, dipping bass. The energy in most of these songs is unbelievable and exciting.

What can be said about this album as a whole is that, it’s meant to be a bass-filled experience, and a masterpiece. After all, what is a long play album if it is not a masterpiece? Flash Back LP is a Nottingham classic.

Words By: Tsheola ‘Vagabond’ Asavela


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