Eastside Records – A-Sides – Quart Sector 3 – [Review]


A highly honorable and revered member of the global D&B/Junglist community, A-Sides has not ceased to keep it progressing through the eras of the music and the scene. Quart Sector 3 comes following with full force, a month right after Sector 2 dropped.

A-Sides shows us a brilliant display of his versatile artistry throughout five songs. In the whole mix, there are two songs that have features namely; the first track, ‘Electric’ taking it back, with Daz making some Toaster styles with sound electrocution that it brings and also; coming together with Cool Hand Flex, to bring you the interesting ‘Legacy’ making its mark on track number three.

Something to wet the dance floor with while breaking a serious sweat is the mean bass synthesis, and force behind ‘Groan’ which, does nothing but draw a mean bass face on a Raver. Things then lighten up on the last track titled ‘Dreamworld’ which seems to be partly inspired by the song ‘Come Close’ by the rapper Common and, also includes an extract of a couple of lines from the very same song, beautifully sampled and included when it breaks; as well as a few times thereafter. No lie; it is one jolly, feel-good kind of song that deserves a smile when you move to it, a sure perfect way to end Sector 3 on such a note.

For iconic figures in the game like A-Sides, with such extensive and hot releases behind their names, there’s no second-guessing the good music you find in every release from back then, until today and, Quartz Sector 3 is no different and is a collector’s.

Words By: Tsheola ‘Vagabond’ Asavela


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