AGN7 Audio – Mantra/Vignette – [Review]


AGN7 Audio = SPKTRM + Ronin Selecta… that’s the equation to take note this October, with a debut release from the label that possesses the same name. This is a sonic journey that explores some dystopian funk.

This debut release as a record label and duo contains two singles, the first being ‘Mantra’; as it enters with the intro, with tribal percussions; and uplifting vocal melodies that are expectant of something laid-back and simply harmonic. That all changes when, the drums make an entry, surfacing from under and adding an overall medium-to-hard beating to the whole as it goes and; sounding so natural and acoustic at that. The song has an interesting play meaning; it explores the patterns instead of a constant loop.

Next up, is ‘Vignette’ with a sound like a war is about to break out on the battle field, compliments of the blaring horn adding its significance. If we were to put the song into a class, we could simply say it is a Jungle tune via the drum track otherwise; it has a nice and peaceful vibe, if it went for the two instruments mentioned above in fact, when we first heard it, we thought it was a Minimal-styled tune.

The two singles are meant for the seasoned Drum & Bass head because; the elements in the sound are old-skool, as much as they are avant-garde. However, that does not stop the AGN7 sound from blending in easily.

Words By: Tsheola ‘Vagabond’ Asavela


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